Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our new playhouse bed!

The inspiration for our playhouse bed

Between our first visit to the life-size doll house at the Oak Ridge Children's Museum and seeing the above cool house bed on Facebook (and later on Pinterest), we made up our mind on this one a long time ago.

Our kid would have one! The moment we won the bid on our home purchase, the idea gears were in full motion. We knew the room to hold it would be large enough (not some small attic room with a half wall, in other words), so about a week before we closed the deal, hubby began what is in my opinion--his best project of all time!

We wanted it to be fully functional both upstairs and downstairs and also fit a double/standard size mattress. We drew out some simple plans, purchased supplies and began in my parent's garage. Then, we disassembled and reassembled it in her new room. A couple coats of paint and a little decor were all we needed after that.

And so, without further adieu, here's the story... in photos:


Little helper

Reassembly and painting begun

Little helper again

Finishing touches

Completed bedhouse!

View of upstairs

Side view with ladder

Cat on the roof--what a perk!