Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unsubscribe & a new direction

Knoxville Mamabelle blog is working toward a new direction. I have many interests, and my interest in couponing has waned.

It was fun! Sharing as much as I could find and posting more frequently, but it's been nice to have a break.

Perhaps it's all the hype, but maybe it's also all the coupon fraud that has lessened my interest in posting deals and going after the deals myself, even. I might still post something about saving money every now and then, but my main purpose will be to explore other facets of my world on this blog.

For now, I'll be working on changing the design and content of the page.

As I start posting again, the posts will be infrequent and varied--with the focus being more on crafts, projects, pets, motherhood, gardening, books, working toward our debt-free goals and more. I do enjoy having a more (seemingly) permanent home for things I'm interested in besides Facebook. There, everything is mumbled and lost in a mountain of walls and feeds. Here, everything is neat and categorized and much more under my control. I don't feel like I'm competing for attention or struggling to keep up with everyone. I can just relax and write...

Those who were subscribed because of wanting deals and coupons, etc, please do unsubscribe. This will be more of a personal blog. If you want to stay subscribed please reply to this email or post a comment in the upcoming weeks. After the blog changes get underway, I'll delete anyone I haven't heard from in a while to help me feel like I'm not wasting anyone's time. 

Peace and be well,


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