Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rosemary Wreath

I just made my first wreath ever, and it's made with fresh rosemary branches.

One of the perks of subdivision life is having cool neighbors, and my cool neighbor, K, has a rosemary bush, so each year when it's time to trim it back, she makes a wreath and hangs it in her kitchen. Not only does she then have au naturale aromatherapy, she then also has a fresh herb to easily add to her cooking. And it sure looks cute while it's drying when hung like a wreath.

I'd never made a wreath before, so she told me the basic procedure. I fashioned a coat hanger into an approximate circle with pliers and began. After going around it once, it looked kinda sad.

I didn't put the branches close enough together nor had I shaped or trimmed them all that well. I like the look of the wreaths with branches that stick out though, so I just kept on going.

Not too shabby, errr, actually quite shaggy, but I like it anyway. I don't really have a place to hang it in my kitchen, but I made room anyway and hung it from the curtain rod in front of my pantry. I just tied it on with string.

And making this wreath is about the only thing I accomplished yesterday morning. The rosemary does indeed smell nice!

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