Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ordering Coupons

Sometimes a coupon gets me so excited that I just have to have more of them. When that happens, and I know it's a popular coupon (one that won't show up at coupon swaps), I get on to see what I can find.

Today's was bestlife buttery spread.

Many don't buy coupons, but I do occasionally, especially if it's a product I can store for a long period or use a lot of no matter if the item is on sale or not. Also, I only order ones I will definitely use.

Margarines can be frozen. Sometimes the consistency changes a little, but that doesn't bother me. I haven't before frozen bestlife's product, so we'll see how it goes.

Here's how an order might look from the coupon clippers (the photos are extra large so you can see what it'll look like, though the image won't look good on the blog):


Christy said...

Isha, do you know what this costs at Kroger? Just wondering how good the deal gets when this coupon is doubled.

Mamabelle said...

I was *just* there and looked at it (before I had the coupon so no purchase) but can't remember the exact price. I want to say the large tub was about $4.00. It's pricey, but is supposed to be about the most "healthy" kind and it has a good buttery flavor, too. Coupon Clippers had 50 cent ones, which I would've normally gotten, but I currently don't live near Kroger, so I ordered $1.00 ones that I can use anywhere.