Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Cost Calculator

I saw this recently and thought I'd share here. It's a cost calculator for the costs during year one of raising a baby. The calculator starts at $10,000! If you have child care costs, those, of course cannot be avoided, but it is amazing to see how much other changes can make!

What was my total?
Of course, you know I'm as thrifty as possible, and I loved used items. I also made the switch to cloth diapers so I factored those in my total. But what made the biggest difference for me was family and friends--I didn't have to purchase nearly anything! Thank you! Nearly everything that I needed out of the "one time cost" section of the calculator was given to me.

Granted my memory is getting hazy, but I came up with about $627. See what yours is: Baby Cost Calculator on

Like any calculator, this one has some things that seem a little off, but I think you'll find it interesting.

Some notes: 

I spent more on cloth diapers than their estimate. I wanted some pretty ones, but for any subsequent children, the cost is only minimal.

I never spent that much on disposable diapers, toys, clothing (what little I bought) or photo developing, etc. Their initial estimates were way off for me--because I'm a couponer/bargain hunter. For instance, $59/month for baby food? They eat very little, and mine was breastfeeding as well for all of year one (and further). I did buy some jarred baby food, and some parents make their own.

Thanks, Knoxville Doula!

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