Friday, April 22, 2011

Operation Vacate

It's hard to believe that this week is nearly over. Yesterday, we reached a milestone in our "Operation Vacate" plans: the "for sale" sign is up!

It's been a very busy week getting all the finishing touches completed (like mopping dust!). With a stone exterior, high ceilings and arched doorways, there's a lot to miss about this house as it was truly what I pictured as ideal when we purchased. But, then there's also the little things, too:

Original built-in ironing board re-installed after moving things around in the kitchen (before its paint job). P.S. Don't get any crazy ideas, though, I don't iron!
Floor to ceiling built-in shelves in what was my office. Yes, that's pink, but you should have seen the pink we painted over--the deep pink is now gone. Husband said not to fret, he'd build even better ones for me next time.

We can't really take landscaping with us. Besides Butterfly bushes, Lilac, Rhododendron and numerous flowers, we added nearly twenty trees to our home, Red Bud, Kwaanzan Cherry, Weeping Willow, Pin Oak, Dogwood etc. One tree was planted with our daughter's placenta, another with a grandmother's ashes. These will be difficult to leave behind. 

Lots of good memories!

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