Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vegan General Tao's Tofu--Delicious!

I didn't really have any particular New Year's resolutions in my personal life this year. Our goals--such as selling our house this spring/summer--are pretty simple, and we've been working toward them for about the last six months.

For the blog, however, I do have a resolution to incorporate this year--post more recipes! I'd like to try out something new once a month, so my goal will be to share twelve recipes this coming year. And here's the first one:

General Tao's Tofu! (Vegan) from

Um, personally, I think someone who worked at PF Chang's at some point made this recipe because after making this I no longer have a need for their Mo Po Tofu dish. Move over, restaurant food, this is much better!

My tips: read through the comments, make extra sauce, and for your first try, don't make this without a helper.

Our first stab at making vegan General Tao's Tofu


Rachel said...

Thanks for posting! This looks awesome!

Keya said...

I would love to try that. I have to figure out where I can get that Egg Replacer though.

Mamabelle said...

If you aren't vegan, you could just use an egg & milk batter. Here, it's available at Kroger and all the health stores.

Keya said...

I'm a lacto vegetarian, I don't eat eggs or anything with eggs in it. Maybe I could find it when I make a trip up to whole foods. .Ironically I usually use tofu instead of eggs when I'm making desserts or anything that call for eggs, but I guess that would be too much tofu for this dish.

Mamabelle said...

Sounds like the egg replacer stuff will be useful for you then. It's in a yellow box and inexpensive--I'm sure they'll have it!