Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Go get some deals at The Book Eddy

If you don't know, The Book Eddy is moving to Central Street near Magpies and The Glowing Body. The new store will be called Central Street Books and its focus will change somewhat as well. Please take the time to visit their new Facebook page to learn more about the new store, and don't forget to "like" it!

Since they are closing down The Book Eddy, they are trying to clear out the old store and have lots of books on sale as a result. From their Facebook page:
"Lots of books left. Still adding books from upstairs daily. Open Friday afternoon, 3-?; Saturday 10-6; Sunday 1-5. Everything $1.50 or less. Plenty of book cases still available. Everything outside is free."

Be sure to stop by and help them clear out all these books. Books are fun to read but aren't fun to move!
Working on moving my own books!

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