Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Save on Entertaining for the Holidays

Couponing in Crititical Times has written a post on how to save on entertaining for the Holidays as part of our Holiday Savings Series by Knoxville area coupon mom bloggers.

She's got lots of ideas for how to save but still host events. An oldie but a goodie, is to host a cookie swap, but what about a series of open houses? She's got lots of ideas for saving on decorating too. She says, "pick some of the most beautiful cards you receive, and save them to frame... remove the back side of the card where people have written, and pop it in the frame. Voila, super cheap art!" Read her full post.

If you've missed any posts in the series, catch up: Holiday Savings Series.

More to come from:
Adventures in Momville
Coupon Mommie
& me

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