Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kroger / Shell gas program, deal sweetened

If you aren't taking advantage of this program, you are truly missing out. If you've looked through this week's Kroger sales ad, you might have seen this:

Earn 4X (4 times) your fuel points for every gift card purchase at Kroger from November 21-December 11. Let's add this up... I buy a Home Depot card for $100, and get not 200, but 800 points?! That would be $0.80 cents off/gallon at my next fill up. If I put in 19 gallons, that will be a savings of about $15. If I buy a Target gift card for the same amount, $15 is a much better return than Target's new 5% card (so just keep that card in your wallet during this promotion).

Kroger has a plethora of cards available--JoAnn's, JC Penny, just to name a couple, and so many restaurants.

But wait! What if you don't want to buy gas at Kroger, and you don't want to buy any gift cards for these stores? Why not buy a Shell gas station gift card at Kroger? Yes, you can buy Shell gift cards at Kroger, earn fuel points, buy your gas at Shell, AND THEN (until February 28, 2011) bring in your Shell receipt to Kroger when you check out and earn double points on that purchase on qualified items, such as normal grocery purchases. The shell receipt promotion does not include gift cards.

So, the ways to earn fuel points are:
1. Spending on groceries (normal exclusions apply): $100 in Groceries = 100 Points
2. Non-federally funded prescriptions: 2 Prescriptions = 100 Points
3. Double gift card points (normal exclusions apply): $50 in Gift Cards = 100 Points

To recap:

Until December 11, 2010, earn 4X fuel points on gift card purchases.
Until February 28, 2011, bring in your receipt, and give it to your cashier when buying your groceries and double your points on that purchase.

For general rules, see
For details about bringing in your Shell receipt, see

Thank you, local bloggers, for the tip about the Shell receipt program!


Anonymous said...

Can you buy Kroger gift cards and get the same offer?

Mamabelle said...

No, Unfortunately not.