Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Free Zoo Day Reminder

My daughter enjoys a reptile friend at Knoxville Zoo.
Actually, I haven't announced that the Knoxville Zoo is having another free day, but nearly everyone else has, and I MEANT to annouce it long ago... so, if you don't have a membership to the Zoo, Saturday, November 13, is the day to go. Free day begins at 10 a.m., and I'd recommend getting there at or near that time if you want to get in at all. This free day, as was the one last year, is sponsored primarily by Kroger. Attendees are urged to bring a donation for the visit, so please read the details at Knoxville Zoo.

Note that last year's free day was a mad house. There were so many cars trying to get in, we could barely get out (and this was around noon!). There were families walking and pushing strollers all the way from Magnolia Avenue, down Prosser Road and into the zoo. The Interstate at the Rutledge Pike exit was bumper to bumper...

If you DO have a membership, I'd recommend staying away!

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