Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best place to feed ducks

One of my favorite spots to feed ducks is Volunteer Landing park on the Tennessee River waterfront. At times, it's overrun with ravenous Canadian Geese, and once I was lucky enough to feed a swan. Most often, you'll see three geese who I was once told by a frequent feeder, are named Larry, Curly and Moe. They generally come out at the beginning of a feeding, and then once full, they go about their business.

I mention this spot as a great place to feed ducks because if you've been to Fountain City Duck Pond looking for feeding fun, you probably left feeling disappointed and carrying a mostly full loaf of leftover bread. That won't happen at Volunteer landing. They're always hungry, and I've never had enough to feed them until they're full. Perhaps that's because ducks and geese aren't the only ones eating--large, hungry carp will delight you or your little ones when they start coming up to feed. 

Get too close, and you might get splashed!

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