Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sing and Learn Spanish

I am thrilled to learn about a program being offered to preschoolers and parents called "Sing and Learn Spanish." My husband and I agreed early on that we'd like our kids to be bilingual in Spanish, and there's a plethora of research suggesting that now is the time to teach a second language. In fact, I remember reading that children who grow up learning two or more languages sometimes begin to speak slower than single-language learners, but once they do talk, their language skills explode! The challenge is finding affordable programs to get them started and continuing to find programs and schools that support your goals.

Sing and Learn Spanish is a Spanish language class taught by Laura Rosso-Knight that integrates singing, storytelling, and hands-on activities for a parent and child. The classes will meet once a week for six weeks, and the cost is $50.

West Haven Recreation Center, located near Western Ave and Pleasant Ridge, will host the series. The tentative schedule is Mondays at 11 a.m. starting the last week of September or thereafter. The final schedule/dates will be determined once enough people have registered.

If you and your preschooler (age 2 1/2 is fine) are interested, please contact Laura at as soon as possible.

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