Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sam's Club open house days

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My husband alerted me today that he heard an advertisement that Sam's Club will have open house days this weekend during tax-free days. I found the details at Knoxville on a Dime:

Sam’s Club is letting non-members shop the store for three days: August 6,7 and 8 to 'Try Them Out' without the commitment of buying a membership and without having to pay the non-member surcharge.

I don't personally have a Sam's Club membership, though I would if I didn't use coupons. I hope to check things out and see if there's anything I want. I won't be sporting my coupon folder though since they don't accept coupons.

My husband just poked his head around the corner and gleamed with pride that he helped me find a deal to share today. He keeps joking that we can go get that 55 gallon drum of mayonnaise we've been wanting, and he wants me to post a picture of the same with this post. (We both hate mayo! ha ha)

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