Saturday, August 21, 2010

Much to be thankful for...

First, I'm thankful to be back on the computer after a nasty Trojan virus attacked, and amazingly, I didn't lose any information either! That deserves several exclamation points!!!!!!

Pregnant me with Yellow Bird, 2007
Second, and most immediate, I'm thankful for two kind gentlemen who helped me with my lovely car tonight. My little Yellow Bird, a yellow 1976 Honda Civic, wanted to be taken out, so I took her to Home Depot to pick up a gallon of paint.

When I returned, she turned over & over and wouldn't start. Nothing unusual there, but I smelled a faint smell of gas meaning I'd probably flooded her. A family stopped, and the father/husband, having heard my car, came over to help. So, round and round we went in the parking lot with him pushing.

Embarrassingly, I had actually forgotten how to roll off a car (my regular car is an automatic, but it's embarrassing because I should known better as the daughter of a Honda mechanic and the former owner of many manual transmission Hondas. Oh, and I also work at the family Honda repair business. And, I should've remembered that geriatric carburetors can be cantankerous in rainy weather). 

Yellow Bird, 2010 
Back to my story, finally, I asked if he wanted to switch out (since we both knew that I obviously didn't know what I was doing). He didn't speak much English, so he couldn't exactly explain what I should've been doing either. The car doesn't weigh much, but pushing him & the car was no easy task. After a couple rounds, another kind fellow came along and helped. Without his help, I don't think I would've been able to ever push her fast enough to get her going (I came home and collapsed on the couch). 

To you both: Thank you!

Husband & daughter with baby camel at Knoxville Zoo, 2010
Third, I'm thankful to have bought that gallon of paint because that means we have FINALLY decided what colors to paint our foyer, living, dining and hallway (thanks for the gift card!). We are ready to get started on what I'll call, Operation Vacate. In going over our finances, we feel we won't be able to get ahead unless we sell or rent our home and move into a much smaller place. A smaller place would give us the ability to save, save, save for what we really want: a home with acreage outside the city limits.

Last, but most important, I'm thankful to now have been married for ten years to a supportive partner who shares my dreams, celebrates creativity and loves me even when I stay out late at the Home Depot.

Happy Anniversary, Ben!
At a friend's wedding, 2008

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