Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saying goodbye to a pet

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It's been a tough week, and the worst part was the loss of my 14 year old cat. He was a fearless lion who would attack any would-be villain--from Pitt Bull to praying mantis.* Had we about $1,000 or more we might have been able to prolong his life slightly, but at his age and with his advancing arthritis, he may have only lived a few weeks, and full recovery was not indicated, which brings me to an important topic for this blog: how much should you spend on your pets?

The answer is obviously related to the depth of your pocketbook and love for the animal, but I don't think having any amount of money makes these types of decisions any easier, and I don't think there's a magic line we can draw in the sand. I once read a post at The Simple Dollar discussing just this issue.

I do feel strongly that people should not get pets if they cannot afford to spay or neuter them and give them basic care. There's simply no excuse for the nearly 70% of animals taken in by animal control in Knox Co. to be murdered--spay and neuter!

In 2009, the Young Williams Center took in 17,830 animals. Of those, 12,226 lost their lives. See the disturbing statistics for yourself.

*About ten years ago I was startled by snarling, growling and hissing sounds--a cat fight! But, between ? and ?? I rushed outside and saw my brave lion rolling around and jumping as if involved in an intense battle, but with whom? I got closer and saw that the two were now in a stand-off. It was cat vs. praying mantis. Don't laugh too hard--this was a full-sized mantis. You'd be scared too!

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momma zen said...

I am so sorry!!! *HUGE HUGS*

Libby said...

i am so sorry too!! my dog is 13 and i dread the day that i have to make a similar announcement :( hang in there!

about the $$ thing. i wish there was a definite answer to go to but i think that will always be one of those case-by-case basis decisions. i can't judge a friend for how much she chooses to spend or not to spend because i don't know her financial situation, and more importantly i don't know her relationship with her pet.

Mamabelle said...

Thanks so much! Excellent points, Libby. If you're interested, check out the comments at The Simple Dollar post--I was appalled.