Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiskars squeeze punches, vegetarian pop tarts & detergent at Big Lots

This month I visited the Big Lots on Broadway. Besides buying seven loaves of whole wheat bread to throw in the freezer, I picked up two more Fiskars extra large squeeze punches for $3 each. I purchaced "too hip to be square," which is not quite a square, but similar and a "bling, bling" punch (both pictured). Previously, I purchased a "funky love" heart punch, which I'm very happy with. Also available are triangles and quote boxes in two sizes. There are about 50 of them for now located in the back of the store in the clearance section. These punches are about $14.99 at craft stores, so if you have a crafter in your list to buy for, get one now!

Also of note on this trip was Seventh Generation baby detergent for $4.00. I didn't notice what the price was elsewhere, but if you normally buy it, hopefully, you can compare and make an informed decision.

Finally, I found several organic selections in the food department, and a 36 count box of Nature's Path "pop tarts" for $7 caught my eye. The box contains two flavors: cherry pomegran and brown sugar maple cinnamon. Unlike regular pop tarts, these are vegetarian and do not contain gelatin in the frosting. If I had lots of kids to pack lunches for I'd buy a box, but I just don't have a need for that much of a junk food item.

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