Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiskars squeeze punches, vegetarian pop tarts & detergent at Big Lots

This month I visited the Big Lots on Broadway. Besides buying seven loaves of whole wheat bread to throw in the freezer, I picked up two more Fiskars extra large squeeze punches for $3 each. I purchaced "too hip to be square," which is not quite a square, but similar and a "bling, bling" punch (both pictured). Previously, I purchased a "funky love" heart punch, which I'm very happy with. Also available are triangles and quote boxes in two sizes. There are about 50 of them for now located in the back of the store in the clearance section. These punches are about $14.99 at craft stores, so if you have a crafter in your list to buy for, get one now!

Also of note on this trip was Seventh Generation baby detergent for $4.00. I didn't notice what the price was elsewhere, but if you normally buy it, hopefully, you can compare and make an informed decision.

Finally, I found several organic selections in the food department, and a 36 count box of Nature's Path "pop tarts" for $7 caught my eye. The box contains two flavors: cherry pomegran and brown sugar maple cinnamon. Unlike regular pop tarts, these are vegetarian and do not contain gelatin in the frosting. If I had lots of kids to pack lunches for I'd buy a box, but I just don't have a need for that much of a junk food item.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few updates plus a note about binge shopping

First off, the project that's been keeping me too busy is finally over. Sigh of relief.

Second, I'm still really missing my cat and tearing up. He was the best cat I've had. To help ease my pain, my husband wanted to surprise me with a new kitten. His plan didn't work out initially, but we did end up with a new little bundle of sharp claws, teeth and fleas. She's all set up now, though! Here she is:

Her name is Rita, and today she and my cat Nesta finally played rough and tumble--what a glorious sight it was!

Third, Target has a bunch of clearanced women's clothing right now. It's time for all the regular shoppers to buy sweaters and pants, but it's time for all of us to buy summer clothes for next year! I don't actually need any clothes, but I've found that if I buy something new for my closet (not new as in brand new, just new to me) once a while and get rid of a few things at the same time, I'm much happier and less likely to go binge shopping.

That's right--binge shopping, that day you go to your closet, and it's empty, nothing fits, and you run over to Khols and figure you have some time to save up before the Khols charge card bill comes in the mail. You feel better but only for a few days, so you return most or part of what you purchase. To help curb this problem, when I'm in a binge shopping mood, I run to a thrift store instead. Always Amvets for when my eyes are bigger than my closet and wallet. No where else can you get ten items for twenty bucks.

And finally, back in mind of Target shopping, don't forget to print coupons from If you're a Kashi fan, they have a few Kashi things on sale this week and several Kashi coupons right now as well. There's also one Kashi coupon on for TLC bars. If you have manufacturer coupons, remember, these can be used on the same items as your target coupons. Be smart and read all the fine print, and don't try to do too much at once.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kraft Cheese & Dairy catalina deal

CheeseImage via Wikipedia
When I shopped at Kroger last week a catalina deal alert printed that I'll be taking advantage of: Buy any 5 Kraft cheese or dairy products (6 oz. or more) from 7-19 to 8-15 and receive $5.00 off your next purchase. Also, Kraft will donate five meals to "Feeding America."

Many items were included on their list of what you can buy, but I'll only be buying one kind of item: Kraft natural shredded cheese, which is $1.88 this week as one of the buy 10, save $5 participating items. With the $5 off my next purchase, they will then have only cost me $0.88 each, and I'll then throw them in the freezer.

I will probably buy twenty packages, which will last me until Christmas if I use one/week.

I sure wish I had some Kraft cheese coupons!
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Morningstar Farms coupons

If you need to stock up on Morningstar Farms veggie products, there's currently plenty of coupons available at If you haven't used their service before, note that there is a $3.00 minimum order amount.

It's great to go in with a friend if you want only a few coupons. I try to check their site at least once a month, or more often if a coupon comes out in the paper that I could use 10,000 of--like Morningstar Farms products that my husband loves. Their service is especially helpful for anything I either use a lot of no matter the price or can stock up on with a sale.

These coupons are $0.75 off one product and expire 8-22-10. I'll be on the look out for good sales at Target or Kroger in the upcoming weeks!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saying goodbye to a pet

Lion - Louisville ZooImage via Wikipedia

It's been a tough week, and the worst part was the loss of my 14 year old cat. He was a fearless lion who would attack any would-be villain--from Pitt Bull to praying mantis.* Had we about $1,000 or more we might have been able to prolong his life slightly, but at his age and with his advancing arthritis, he may have only lived a few weeks, and full recovery was not indicated, which brings me to an important topic for this blog: how much should you spend on your pets?

The answer is obviously related to the depth of your pocketbook and love for the animal, but I don't think having any amount of money makes these types of decisions any easier, and I don't think there's a magic line we can draw in the sand. I once read a post at The Simple Dollar discussing just this issue.

I do feel strongly that people should not get pets if they cannot afford to spay or neuter them and give them basic care. There's simply no excuse for the nearly 70% of animals taken in by animal control in Knox Co. to be murdered--spay and neuter!

In 2009, the Young Williams Center took in 17,830 animals. Of those, 12,226 lost their lives. See the disturbing statistics for yourself.

*About ten years ago I was startled by snarling, growling and hissing sounds--a cat fight! But, between ? and ?? I rushed outside and saw my brave lion rolling around and jumping as if involved in an intense battle, but with whom? I got closer and saw that the two were now in a stand-off. It was cat vs. praying mantis. Don't laugh too hard--this was a full-sized mantis. You'd be scared too!

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Friday, July 9, 2010

New crafting supplies at Big Lots

When I visited Big Lots this past week, I found some great craft items. I found a large heart punch (funky love shape) for $5 and two choices of clear stamps. One is an alphabet set and the other has some hearts & tulips; both sets sell for only $1. I visited the south Knoxville store.

Below are my purchases:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Printing photos for cheap

Coupon Katie has the scoop on how to get 50 photos for 50 cents (plus shipping) HERE. Deals like these, whether I take advantage or not, keep me from being impressed with the many not-so-awesome deals out there. So, keep those pics ready to upload in batches of 25-50, and when there's a deal, snatch it up!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

50% off Size 5 Pampers

If you happen to need this size of diaper for your kids, I saw a bin of them at CVS at Merchants/Clinton Hwy marked down to 50% off. (The product packaging might be changing or perhaps they are no longer going to offer the item.) With a coupon, these should be a pretty good deal.

Burlington Library Park Update

The new park has a small playground, an amphitheater and two overlooks for the small creek running through it. Crews are finishing up concrete work this week, and hopefully top soil will be coming in about a week or so.

Below: one of two overlooks, this one facing the library.

Below: amphitheater area

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daily Savings for attactions around the Smoky Mountains
I don't know much about this promotion, but if you enjoy activities around the Smoky Mountains, these deals might interest you. I received the email about 45 Days of Money-Saving Coupons because I'm signed up with Food City.