Thursday, June 10, 2010

What to do with that Ace Hardware coupon in the school coupon book?

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Do you try to use coupons from other stores at Home Depot? I have, and sometimes the clerk says "yes" and sometimes it's a "no." But, apparently, the answer should be "yes." I've also used Home Depot Garden Club coupons at Lowe's when Home Depot hasn't had what I wanted. Again, I always ask the clerk beforehand, and if he or she says "no," I just accept they they are new hires and visit a different line or check out at the service desk.

But, back to how to put that good coupon to use!

Recently, my step dad told me that when opened his wallet to pay for his purchase and the Home Depot check-out clerk noticed his Lowe's coupon, she said. "Oh, I can accept that coupon!" Furthermore, she said, "I can take Ace Hardware coupons too!"

So, don't forget to use those Ace Hardware coupons in your school coupon books before they expire, and now you know you have more ways than ever to use them.

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