Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sign up for savings at your favorite restaurants, stores

With Father's Day coming up, I'm reminded... to remind you... to sign up at all your favorite eateries for special offers and coupons. For example, I received an e-mail from Marble Slab for a BOGO offer for dad on his special day. (sign up in your local store)

Though chains often have loyalty programs, don't forget all your local eateries as well. Often, small places will not have on-line programs, so you'll sign up at the facility if they have a loyalty program.

While you're at it, remember to ask your auto repair facility if they have an e-newsletter, and your pet supply store, your tattoo parlor... you get the idea!

But, if you need some examples, here are some of my personal favorites:
Cutie Tooties cloth diaper store
Aquarium fish supply
Lee's Specialtee Honda & Acura repair
(a shameless plug for my family's business!)
The Disc Exchange
Home Depot's garden club

You can also begin listing brands and products you use and get on their lists as well--from Burt's Bees to Proctor & Gamble, everyone wants your business. Tweak your choices to the places/brands you use the most to cut back on the amount of email you receive. Alternately, you can keep an eye on deals through money saving blogs. Let them go through all the emails and post the deals. This works great for places like Kohl's, which sent me way too many emails with too little savings for me to be a subscriber, but doesn't work for places like Earth fare or the Home Depot Garden Club because I need to be able to print the coupon they specifically send to me.

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