Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fake Doritos coupon circulating

When I first attended a large coupon workshop, a woman in attendance turned to my friend and me and proceeded to whisper about how you could purchase a different item than a coupon intended. She had found out about decoding barcodes. Though my friend and I laughed about it later, it's really no laughing matter because these kind of shoppers hurt future deals for the rest of us.

Recently, there's been a fake coupon circulating in e-mails for a free bag of Doritos. The company has put out a warning about it, read here.

I thought this was very interesting because apparently the coupon scanned and worked at retailers. Any time I'm taken to a site or see a coupon that doesn't look quite right, I just pass on the deal. Sometimes people will also post a pdf image of a coupon, which isn't legal either.

That said, sometimes consumers don't even realize they are using a fraudulent coupon.

Here's a link to an excellent post on Moms Need to Know about coupon ethics.

As for me, I'll skip on eating those Doritos, free or not.

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