Sunday, June 13, 2010

$100 worth of clothing for $50 at Sears

I was hoping this deal would come up again this year, and it did! Buy $50 of men's apparel at Sears and mail in a rebate form to receive a $50 card good on more men's apparel at Sears. I'll be getting work pants for my husband who is always ruining his work pants by working! That is, he ruins his 8-5 job pants by wearing them while working around the house--paint stains, asphalt/tar stains from driveway repair, paint thinner spots, dried concrete stains, rips--you name it, he does it!

My first thought on this deal was, I wonder if Kroger has Sears cards so that I can get 100 fuel points?, but Coupon Katie has an even better idea--check it out.

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