Monday, May 17, 2010

printable & loadable coupons

I took a break from Internet coupons a while back, but now I'm in deep again and happy to be so.

While I was gone, Target greatly improved their site. At the bottom of, you'll find a small link to coupons. They usually have $100 worth or more to choose from. Some of the coupons will be manufacturer's coupons, but most will be Target Web, meaning you can stack them: use one Target and one manufacturer on the same one item.

Once on the coupon page, you'll see a link to their coupon policy. One notable policy is that you cannot use more than one Target coupon of the same kind on the same visit. Like any store, they will respond best if couponers do not try to abuse the system.

So far, on my last five or more visits, I've had zero problems with rude cashiers or with Target coupons not scanning.

Kroger has begun offering many e-coupons. They've been sending extra emails that do not lend a clue that they contain a link to new e-coupons. So, if you've been getting emails from them, don't ignore them! Just two weeks ago I got nearly free Tropicana orange juice by using a Kroger e-coupon and a paper coupon.

If you haven't been using e-coupons at Kroger, sign up with Kroger, and To get started, you'll need your Kroger card number on each of the sites. Once you load your coupons, you can print a list of what you have loaded. At the register, the e-coupons will come off automatically when your Kroger card is scanned.

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