Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lifetime Potty Seat

This is an important post because though we're only talking toilets, I am thrilled share the following info.

When it was time to begin potty training, I had no idea what kind of seat to purchase, and I ended up with the nesting seat for the adult potty and the several of the smaller seats that stay on the floor. It can all get quite messy!

The other day, I searched the Web and happened upon this post. Until then I had no idea such products existed (and no-one I've talked with since knew about it either). The adult/child combo toilet seat (aka family seat) shown at that blog is from Target and the childseat stays in place with clips. I have found a better product, however, in stores at Home Depot. (Lowes does not carry them). The seat is manufactured by Bemis and is available in both standard round and oblong. The child part stays in place via magnetic force instead of clips, which I think is a definite improvement. The round is $30 and the oblong is around $36. To know it's there, you'd have to read all the labels or lift all the lids and happen to find it. So, if you don't see it at first, don't despair, it's probably right in front of you!

Note: This seat replaces your existing toilet seat. You'll never need another seat because the child section simply flips up into the lid when not in use. When a child needs it, all he or she has to do is pull that part down.

It cleans easily! No more mess and no more having to store potty seats! Just think, in about 20-30 years, your grandchildren can come over and use this seat.

More expensive, i.e. quiet close, etc, family seats are available on the Internet from other companys.

Photo: The seat to the left is a different product, but helps you get the idea of how the family seat works.

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