Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recycle your e-waste event

Bring your old computers, televisions, phones, and other electronics to Chilhowee Park and dispose of them properly on Saturday, January 23, from 9-3. --info from Ijams Nature Center.
P.S. If you like the above photo, check out more ways to use your old computer here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A book order

Today I pre-ordered two books I've been looking forward to reading.

This book is all about natural hair care for people with tightly curly hair, particularly biracial hair. The author struggled with her own hair for years and finally embraced her curls and learned how to manage and grow them. You can read about her journey by visiting her Website (or by clicking the link to your right if you're on my blog page).

The second book I ordered is called The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow. Durrow's book is described as "a timely and moving bicultural coming-of-age tale about the daughter of a Danish immigrant and a black G.I. A beauty with light brown skin and blue eyes, she attracts much attention in her new home. The world wants to see her as either black or white, but that's not how she sees herself." Read more about her and her new book on her Website.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best of forwarded e-mails

Remember when you used to receive e-mail forwards? I don't generally think of those days fondly, but I do remember the following story and think it's a great laugh... By the way, if you miss e-mail forwards, someone's compiled all of them for you at Forwarded Funnies, which is where my search for little leroy led me.

Little Leroy

Little Leroy went to his mother demanding a new bicycle. His mother decided he should take a look at himself and the way he acts.
She said, "Well Leroy, it isn't Christmas and we don't have the money to just go out and buy you anything you want. So why don't you write a letter to Jesus and pray for one instead."
After his temper tantrum his mother sent him to his room. He finally sat down to write a letter to Jesus.

Dear Jesus:
I've been a good boy this year and would appreciate a new bicycle.
Your Friend,

Now, Leroy knew that Jesus really knew what kind of boy he was (brat). So he ripped up the letter and decided to give it another try.

Dear Jesus:
I've been an OK boy this year and I want a new bicycle.
Yours Truly,

Well, Leroy knew this wasn't totally honest so he tore it up and tried again.

Dear Jesus:
I've thought about being a good boy this year and can I have a bicycle?

Well, Leroy looked deep down in his heart, which by the way was what his mother really wanted. He knew he had been terrible and was deserving of almost nothing. He crumpled up the letter, threw it in the trash can and went running outside. He aimlessly wandered about depressed because of the way he treated his parents and really considering his actions. He finally found himself in front of a Catholic Church. Leroy went inside and knelt down, looking around not knowing what he should really do. Leroy finally got up and began to walk out the door and was looking at all the statues. All of a sudden, he grabbed a small one and ran out the door. He went home, hid it under his bed and wrote this letter.

I've got your mamma. If you ever want to see her again, give me a bike.
You know who.

$10 gift card to Earthfare

Awesome deal at Earthfare! I'm going to stock up on some vitamins!
Be sure to sign up for emails next time you visit Earthfare.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kashi & more at Big Lots

I shopped again at Big Lots this week and found the following items--great for noncouponers, especially:

Kashi fruit & grain bars, big box of 6 raspberry chocolate, 6 pumpkin pie, and 12 of my favorite: dark chocolate coconut. (but when I opened and tried one, it was a bit drier than usual) $8.00

Cascadian Farms cereal, Honey Clusters, 10.75 oz, $2.30

Kashi Honey Sunshine (2 box package) $4.00

Earth's Pride organic soy milk, original & vanilla, 32 fluid oz, $1.50 (non refrigerated)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheap fun for little ones at Knoxville Center Mall

Kiddie amusement ride.Image via Wikipedia

Does your child have train on the brain? Stop in at Knoxville Center for a ride on the train for only $1. Yeah, it requires a stop at (gasp) the mall, but it's well worth it. My toddler was still talking about it the next day.

(West Town unfortunately doesn't have a train.)

For more train fun, visit UT Garden's Holiday Express, a 4,000 square ft miniture garden railway. The railway depicts East Tennessee railway history from the 1930's to present day.

Cost is $5/person. Visit UT Gardens for more information.

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