Saturday, September 26, 2009

Questions people ask me

What many people sometimes don’t understand about being biracial is that… wait…well, actually there’s a lot people don’t understand, but ONE thing many people don’t understand is that being biracial attracts public scrutiny.

These “strangers in public places” often feel compelled to speak, not just look. The interaction may be positive, negative or otherwise.

Sometimes they are trying to figure out “what” we are—or to what group we identify—or how on earth we are connected to a family member next to us. Or maybe they want to tell us that they know someone who is biracial too.

A while back, though, I got a comment that was a pleasant first. Checking out at Home Depot with my sister, the cashier said, “Oh, are you sisters? You look a lot alike.”

I don’t mind conversation, though yes, I’d just prefer to check out in peace, but it was nice for someone to see us as sisters and see our resemblance.

But, why did she feel compelled to ask—yep, you guessed it: she (white) also has a biracial (black & white) sister like me.

Of course all people get questions from time to time. And, usually I only take the time to discuss the rudest ones.

Now, does anyone else have a question for me?


Jennifer said...

I have a question...have you found any great deals lately? What? Not the question you were expecting?

Sorry. Just thought you'd smile if you were left an oddball comment from someone who is part of your "couponing" race. We are considered different from most "normal" people too, right? LOL!

Seriously though, I'm sorry for the staring and comments you receive from strangers. People should be more respectful.

I know it's not really the same comparison to the racial comments you get but I never received so many stares and gauking in my life until I started to use coupons. You know what I mean, right...

Mamabelle said...

Thanks for the comment! I got a nice chuckle!
As for us couponers--Tell me about it, and mostly, it's from cashiers who would love to save money themselves! I've been sticking to Kroger a lot lately b/c I'm so tired of all the coupon negativity at Target.

LaToya said...

How do you keep from slapping people?? I get some of the most ignorant comments about my boys ALL the time. And I really have to count to 5000 to keep from hitting some folks.

Mamabelle said...

Well, when you see my next post (if I ever get it finished!) you'd have to count to 5 million!

This one really was a "good" question considering some of the garbage I hear at times.

Rita said...

I remember that day. :) She said that we had the same smile. That was really neat that her sister was biracial, too.
Sometimes when I see another biracial person, I want to say that I kind of understand because my sister's biracial and that all I am wondering is if they are biracial..because sometimes I'm not positive.. but I never actually ask, because they might get offended, like you mentioned here that you don't like people coming up and just saying that they know someone else biracial.

Mamabelle said...

Thanks for writing, sis, well, it's not that I am always offended or even most of the time. If someone has a connection to me, like they are biracial too, then it can actually be really nice to talk with them. It's more the principal of it--that random strangers feel they can ask me sometimes personal or rude questions--that bothers me. So, no, I don't think you should talk to strangers, but if you are already talking to someone or have a connection to them, it's more socially acceptable to say--my sister looks similar to you, and she is biracial, are you too?--or something like that.