Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Depot's Garden Club

Each time I recieve a coupon from Home Depot in my email, I make a note to myself to post something. Now, finally, I am. Go here to join Home Depot's Garden Club. They don't send too many emails, and the coupons are worthwhile whether you plant a mum or two or have a full garden and over-the-top landscaping complete with a pond and waterfall.

For example, today's coupon that I'll definitely end up using is for shrubs--buy one, get one free (limit one).

Those who know about my problems with a nearby landfill might be wondering why I'd be buying shrubs when I plan to eventually move... and the answer is to block the view! I'm thinking Holly.

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micasue said...


I just saw that you saw my link from Knoxville Mommies a bit ago, and I wanted to check out your blog. I think I stumbled upon your blog a while back when I was trying to find out about that Veg. restaurant opening on Central.
I guess it really is a small world!


Mamabelle said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Jolie said...

Home Depot is doing great jobs for nature and environment. I will certainly join Home Depot's Garden Club.