Saturday, September 26, 2009

Questions people ask me

What many people sometimes don’t understand about being biracial is that… wait…well, actually there’s a lot people don’t understand, but ONE thing many people don’t understand is that being biracial attracts public scrutiny.

These “strangers in public places” often feel compelled to speak, not just look. The interaction may be positive, negative or otherwise.

Sometimes they are trying to figure out “what” we are—or to what group we identify—or how on earth we are connected to a family member next to us. Or maybe they want to tell us that they know someone who is biracial too.

A while back, though, I got a comment that was a pleasant first. Checking out at Home Depot with my sister, the cashier said, “Oh, are you sisters? You look a lot alike.”

I don’t mind conversation, though yes, I’d just prefer to check out in peace, but it was nice for someone to see us as sisters and see our resemblance.

But, why did she feel compelled to ask—yep, you guessed it: she (white) also has a biracial (black & white) sister like me.

Of course all people get questions from time to time. And, usually I only take the time to discuss the rudest ones.

Now, does anyone else have a question for me?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

Half off deals--how many are there?

First, there's Half-off Depot, which I've written about before now. They feature numerous Knoxville businesses and restaurants offering certificates that will cost you only 1/2 their value. The best way to take advantage of a 1/2 off deal is to purchase one for a store that you already planned on using or could use for a gift or special occasion. I can't stress the prior statement more: just because it's half off doesn't mean you should buy it. Sure, it requires some planning and some would rather not be bothered, but I believe planning your finances is the way to financial happiness (The Simple Dollar).

For a good use recently, my husband and I purchased a $20 certificate for only $10, then used it to eat at half price at one of our favorite spots, Sitar Indian Restaurant, for our anniversary.

Second, there's, which has similar deals, but frankly, I haven't used them yet because they only have limited offerings.

Third, there's halfoffthursdays, which features new offers on Thursdays. I check for upcoming offers and mark my calendar, since some of them go very fast.

Fourth, there's local radio stations, such as WNOX-FM offering certificates. On WNOX, the offers begin on Fridays at 9 a.m. Other radio stations offer deals at other times--Stir-fry cafe goes on sale tomorrow.

These are all I can think of for now, but it seems like there's more--let me know if you know of any more.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Depot's Garden Club

Each time I recieve a coupon from Home Depot in my email, I make a note to myself to post something. Now, finally, I am. Go here to join Home Depot's Garden Club. They don't send too many emails, and the coupons are worthwhile whether you plant a mum or two or have a full garden and over-the-top landscaping complete with a pond and waterfall.

For example, today's coupon that I'll definitely end up using is for shrubs--buy one, get one free (limit one).

Those who know about my problems with a nearby landfill might be wondering why I'd be buying shrubs when I plan to eventually move... and the answer is to block the view! I'm thinking Holly.

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