Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thrift Stores

Knoxville has several thrift store choices, and a few of my favorite are:

Habitat for Humanity at 2209 North Central, 521-4909

Plenty of furniture and items for the home such as ovens, light fixtures, doors, and even used paint.

Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries, KARM at 3935 Western, 521-7766, 115 Sherlake (off Clinton Hwy), 690-0939, 4528 Chapman, 577-0404, and 3555 Emory, 947-1663.

This year they offered a 20% off coupon in Knox Co Schools coupon books. The coupon could be used once a month (two months remaining at this time). In addition to that, your receipt is good for 10% a future purchase. Their coupons are sometimes limited to clothing/shoes only, so be sure to check them.

Smart Cents at 5731 Western, 558-6187

Smart Cents currently lists a coupon in the Volunteer Coupon Book for 25% off your total purchase. Not only that, they advertise that they will honor all competitor's coupons!

And finally, my favorite:
Amvets Thrift Store at 4105 Holston, 524-8498

Amvets boasts the lowest prices day in/day out. Often, the store is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter; the store has no bathrooms and clothing is not cutely organized by color. But, they do have a big, full store with everything from books, games, and curtains to sewing patterns, cloth, kitchen utensils, and tables. Children's clothing--from the hideous to The Gap--is $0.89 an item. They have great hours: open seven days a week and most days until 8 p.m. Several times a year, they'll have 50% off everything in the store sales (usually around holidays).

Currently, on the back of your Kroger receipt from Asheville Hwy will be a $5 off a $20 purchase coupon. (It is not good on the purchase of children's clothing, however.)


Jennifer said...

Hey, I just answered your question about the All You magazine on my site.

Yo Mamma said...

Your blog is quite impressive! I'm glad we mamas found each other in the blogosphere. I wish I were in Knoxville to shop the thrift stores now. This was a very good post. I'm sure you get a ton of hits. Also, nice write up on the vegetarian place. If I didn't know better, I would think that you were an English major, with an emphasis on technical writing, who also did some time in a couple English classrooms in the knoxville/oak ridge area. But that's just a guess.

Mamabelle said...

LOL! Yes, so far I am enjoying the blog world more than the facebook world!

Ocean Child said...

Everywhere I've lived ...even the smallest little po-dunk town in Western NY ...had the greatest thrift resources ...that is ...until I moved here to Louisiana ...it's not the state of course but the exact region where I live. It's awful. It's true junk sold here ...and overpriced at that. *sigh* To go to any decent stores one has to drive at least 50 miles (that's a short trip for us here now). So, I tend to order online most often.

I miss wonderful thrift shops. I always have had the BEST luck in them. Even here though ..you find the rare diamond in the rough - I found a Baby Bjorn carrier (original) for only $8 dollars two days ago!!! It's in excellent condition! I almost regret buying the Moby Wrap because A. I could have made my own now that I've inspected it! And B. I like this Baby Bjorn very MUCH.

But it won't hurt to have both to switch off of.

I love Habitat. When I donate I often donate to Habitat and or Unicef.

Ocean Child said...

I have a Facebook! But I'm probably very annoying on it as I update my status a lot! It's http://facebook.com/julia.meadows if you'd like to be friends there!

Mamabelle said...

Awesome find on the carrier! And you can't have too many!! The carrier I made works just like the Moby wrap.