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Target Coupons: Lesson Learned

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Target coupons may be used on an item in addition to a manufacturer's coupon. So, if Target puts out a coupon for $1 off Bounty 6-pack paper towels, and you have a manufacturer's coupon of $.50 off, you can get $1.50 off the one Bounty paper towel 6-pack. Two coupons off the same item can make for some phenominal deals at times.

Target's Website lists the coupons in small print at the very bottom of the home page. Look for "grocery coupons."

My last trip to Target was embarassing. Some of my Target coupons didn't want to scan at first. It took several tries and by then the clerk was probably figuring I made the coupons myself with a crayon.

I printed them off one of the sites around that advertises a Target coupon generator. And I hadn't really thought much of it at the time, but now I realize they are probably not technically legit. Upon close inspection, I could tell an obvious difference in quality between the coupon printed off the site and the ones I printed off Target's home page. It appears to me that the ones from the site are actually a screen capture, which can then be saved, cut and pasted, etc to be used. No wonder they didn't scan well.

Maybe that doesn't bother some people, but it sure bothered me. I don't hesistate to hand a stack of coupons to my cashier, but I want all the coupons to be legit for many reasons:

--It's embarrassing
--If they don't scan, I might not want the item, which means extra time and trouble for me and the cashier to void, etc
--Problems might eventually lead Target to discontinue their own coupons, or worse, to not accept any or very few manufacturer coupons.

Finally, this leads me to another issue with Target coupons. On coupon is stated: limit one offer per transaction.

What does that mean? I know some couponers are going in with muliple prints of the same Target coupon, and buying muliples of the same item with it. Are they doing separate transactions?

I am only using one per offer per transaction, which is my interpretation. For me, if it's a super deal, I'll dump my loot in the car and go back in once, maybe twice. Doesn't matter how cheap they are, how many boxes of Kashi cereal do I need, anyway? Chances are, by the time I need more, they'll be doing another sale and manufacturers and Target will all release coupons.

My worry is that Target is considering no longer issuing Target coupons. I have no basis, it's just a hunch.

I'm wondering what others think? Is it ok to use a screen capture of a coupon?

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