Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who wants some cheap eggs?

When I saw the headliner that a dozen eggs are 49 cents this week at ALDI, I felt like vomiting. I realize so many items we consume are made at the cost of others, but for me eggs are personal, so it hits home. Even hens who lay best don't always lay one egg a day. I have five hens and they average about three eggs a day (below: for some reason they all lay in the same nest spot).

Two are not good layers, but one is excellent--my Rhode Island Red, Laurie (below).

Twelve eggs. It would take her roughly half a month to lay that many eggs. (Below: their indoor area.)

She has to be fed, housed and cared for. I'd also have to use some kind of middleman and transport those eggs in order to sell them. What about the container? Storage costs? (Below: Their outdoor area.)

Half a month of work for her for 49 cents? That's what she's worth?

I've seen pictures like these before, but I truly cannot fathom what conditions must be like for so many hens in our world.

I know there are many, many, many causes out there, but maybe you will consider finding a local, less cruel source for eggs if you can. I wish I could supply eggs for everyone I know, but I only have so many.


knoxvilledoula said...

i love you. you're my hero

Gabrielle said...

Did you see the history of the chicken on PBS last night? It was both serious and funny at the same time. I don't think that people realize what industrial farming is like until they are faced with it. The tv doesn't really do it justice, as I've heard you cannot walk into one of those hen houses without a mask on!

Mamabelle said...

Knoxville Doula, you are MY hero!

I have seen the program previously--I love the part with the Silkie chicken owner. People have no idea that chickens can be enjoyable pets.

Vegmom said...

Great post! I wish more people could see the inside of factory farming.. *sigh* It is so very not nice.

Ocean Child said...

Wow. You are beginning to really amaze me. I started clicking on your tags and I saw "pets" (big animal lover here so naturally I went there first). How wonderful you have your own hens and give them such loving and humane conditions.

I strive to buy all organic - I buy free range eggs (though how free-range truthfully can one know them to be without inspecting the farm first) and I also buy the organic milk and vegetables as much as possible. It's difficult in this area for the same reasons I told you in the comment about Thrift Shops but if you look hard enough you can find these choices.

I dream of one day having my own chickens. As well I'd love to begin gardening ...I missed out on planting my own tomatoes this year but I do plan to do so next year along with green peppers, herb gardens, and onions. It depends are where we live next year. I'm hoping we'll be living back in NC by then!

Mamabelle said...

I'm so glad you liked the post. I recently went through and changed all the labels I'd used so that I could keep them organized. NC seems like a good place to be. It's certainly a hot spot for organic-minded folks. Asheville is one of my favorite destinations.