Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walgreen's Savings

Here’s an example of what you can save when you plan your purchases wisely. Since we are currently using several vitamins & supplements to lower my husband’s cholesterol, I was thrilled about the following trip I made. I’m very particular about gelatin and other ingredients in supplements, but since he isn’t, I’m able to find great deals on products for him.

Below is my receipt for a recent trip to Walgreens. I received a (Catalina) printed coupon at the register for $5 off the purchase of four Nature’s Bounty vitamins on my previous trip when I purchased a different brand. I also had three $2 off coupons good for any Nature’s Bounty item. I waited until Walgreens advertised buy one get one free, then went in for the purchase:

I bought two at $10.49 and two at $9.99 and only paid $9.48 plus tax for a total of $11.37. I did not have any register rewards to use on this purchase, but if I had, I could’ve lowered my out of pocket expense even more.

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Jennifer said...

B1G3 is way better than B1G1, wouldn't ya say!

I love coupons so much! Great job!