Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Earth Fare Bearden Store Opening Specials June 17-30

Knoxville's newest Earthfare is located in the old Bi-Lo building near Kroger, Mayo's and Fresh Market in Bearden. For more info, click on the icon above.

Additional Savings June 17-30

The following items are on sale at our new Earth Fare in honor of their grand opening. These savings are in addition to items on sale at all Earth Fare stores in June. I won’t be typing up and posting those savings since June is already half over, but I do plan to begin posting sale items on a monthly basis. I am not posting meat items, since those are of no interest to me, but I realize others would appreciate a complete list, so maybe my mind could be changed.

(On a side note: I wonder how the new store will affect Fresh Market’s sales. I do think the effect will matter, whereas, Farragut has both a Fresh Market and Earth Fare but the two are relatively far apart. I don’t think Three River’s Market will see much change, and though I’ve shopped there in the past, they don’t have the space to carry a large variety of items. For me, crossing the street with a toddler is just not something I’m willing to do, so for that reason and others, I generally do not shop there much, though I wish them well. Having an Earth Fare I can afford the gas to get to is a big deal.)

Also note that I want to get this out fast, so I’m not going to spend much time editing for typos—just getting it out there is my goal today.

Organic blueberries 6 oz 2/$4
Organic strawberries 1 lb pack 2/$4
Organic red cherries $3.97/lb
Red tomatoes on the vine $1.97/lb

Kerrygold Irish Dupliner cheese $6.99/lb
Buttermilk Blue American Artisanil Blue from Wisconsin $9.99/lb
Bear Pond Farms organic pesto 6.3 oz assorted flavors $3.99 each
Rio Briati fresh mozzarella ovoline 7-8 oz smoked or plain--Half off (regular $3.99)

Earth Fare Café
All café smoothies 12-16 oz $1 off

Food Service Deli
Earth Fare sandwiches & wraps $4.99
Earth Fare fruit salad $3.99/lb

Earth Fare baguettes 2/$3
Earth Fare large homemade cookies 2/$1

Bulk Foods
Kettle cooked salted peanuts $2.99/lb
Banana chips $1.96/lb

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 64 oz B1G1 (Buy one Get one free) ($3.89 for one)
Cascade Fresh fat free yogurt 6 oz B1G1 free ($.89)

Gerolsteiner mineral water 1 liter 3/$4
GT’s Kombucha synergy beverage 16 oz B1G1 free ($3.28-$3.69)
Kettle Chips potato chips 14 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.99)
Snyder’s of Hanover Eat Smart Veggie Chips 5-6 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($3.99)
Lakewood Fruit Garden Juice 32 oz. Assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.49)
Food For Life Ezekial 4:9 Cereal 16 oz. Assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.99)
Earth Fare Organic Bottled Tea 16 oz. Assorted flavors 10/$10
Stubb’s BBQ sauce 18 oz. B1G1 free ($4.69)
Asian Gourmet box meals 11.6 oz. Assorted varieties B1G1 free ($3.49)

Frozen Foods
Amy’s pizzas 6-7 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($4.29-6.99)
Nature’s Path waffles 7.5 oz., assorted varieties B1G1 free ($3.26)
Cascadian Farm organic frozen veggies 7-16 oz., assorted flavors $1.98
Earth Fare ice cream 56 oz., assorted flavors $3.98

Ture Bamboo bamboo cutting board 14 in round, $11.98
Earth Fare rain barrel 55 gal $69.99

Health & Body Care
Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps 5 oz., assorted varieties $2.99
Dr. Bronner’s Liquid castile soap 8 oz., assorted varieties $4.09
Kiss My Face shave cream 11 oz., assorted var (why am I still typing this phrase out?) $4.99
Ancient Secrets nasal cleaning pot $9.99
Spectrum Naturals organic flax oil 8 oz., $9.99
Earth Fare Show me the Whey protein powder 32 oz., $26.99
MegaFoods men’s daily foods organic greens 12.7 oz. $19.99

Check out Coupon Katie's post on today's opening activities.


Vegmom said...

Yum- go find some Veggie Sushi! :-) Earthfare is the Best!

Candace said...

Wow, thanks for the info. I am happy to have one closer to home. I am seriously considering buying my groceries here. Alot of it is quite affordable. I want to start buying organic meat, but I am not familiar with the prices. I look forward to your future blogs!