Monday, June 22, 2009

Diapers: Cloth or Disposable?

I have made my decision.

Here's my daughter in the only special cloth diaper I bought new just for her.

I've purchased a couple used diapers and one new one at cutie tooties. I only have enough for one day of use so far, but I have a big box of disposables between now and when I acquire more diapers.

What put me over the edge?

$500 didn't seem like a big amount until I considered that she really might not potty train for many months to come. By then, that amount could be $800, which is close enough to a grand to disturb me. If I have three kids, that could be close to $3,000. Though that number is spread over many years, it's still concerning.
But, more importantly, I imagined that if I have three kids who wear 5 diapers a day for 2.5 years each, that'd add up to 13,687.5 diapers in the landfill. In other words, enough to probably fill my entire house and then some.
That is a number I cannot live with.

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Ocean Child said...

Hi, I only JUST noticed your comment on my blog - blogger doesn't email me the comments unless I make them moderated! Anyways, my decision to cloth diaper is so hard to explain. It was due to so many reasons ..environmental, economical, they are just plain cute and seem much more natural and comfortable for baby (as long as I am diligent about changing the baby as often as possible)! But it was just a feeling that this was how it would be done and so it's what we are preparing for!!

It is much more expensive initially than I expected because we weren't sure what method we'd go for primarily not having done this before so we have gotten (90 percent of them used from Diaperswappers) so many different cloth diapering systems ...fitted + prefold with covers and all in ones! Etc. But I also consider that we plan to have more children and the REAL savings will show when we re-use our stash with a second and maybe even 3rd if most of them hold up!

Overall, we're still saving money with cloth. It's just not the HUGE savings we initially expected!!!

Mamabelle said...

Try your local Craig's List for good deals on diapers. I too was really thrown off by how much they can cost initially--particularly for new! I just hadn't thought it through from one child to two or maybe three, and so on. I've spent $100 so far, and I have about 30 diapers. I may not even need more until I have a tiny one again. I was fortunate to have a couple friends give and loan me a few. You might also try finding out if there's a La Leche League or Holistic Mom's Network in your area as those groups would have cloth diapering mamas and resources!

Ocean Child said...

My one true savings is that where I live the power & water is included in the rent! So I am not paying extra water bills or power bills for washing the diapers! I consider that a hidden savings.

I do plan to line dry and in the winter to dry on racks inside at least for most of the drying process and finish up with the dryer if need be. I suppose the good thing of having SO MANY in my initial diaper set up is that I won't be strapped down if I don't do laundry in a couple days or it takes a couple days for some of the thicker diapers to dry I won't struggle with a shortage!!!

Thank you for your advice. I will look into into those places. That is great that you have only spent 100 so far! What fantastic savings!