Friday, June 5, 2009

Back from the Beach

This was my first camping experience in years, but we figured camping was the only way we'd be able to see the ocean this summer. We chose Huntingdon Beach State Park, and it was beautiful with great beaches. What did we learn?

--It's worth spending some money on bug repellents. The mosquitoes, though few, liked me instead of my hubby or daughter. Apparently, I'm tastier. Mostly, they got me while I slept. One or two got in and bit me till they were full.

--It's worth the extra $5 or so for electricity & water at your site.

--Take a fan and extension cords.
--Borrow, borrow, borrow. We borrowed nearly all of our camping supplies from my parents, especially since we don't know how often we'll camp again. We purchased only one additional item that they can now borrow from us when they camp.

--I found it was much easier to simply use an electric hot plate. We never even fired up the Coleman propane stove.

--Take one of those towel housecoats, or towel bathing suit covers to get from the showers back to your tent.

--Take a container big enough to bathe the baby.

--Have a rainy day fund ready.

--It may be worth calling the park you plant to visit and ask which sites have more privacy, shade, etc.

One more note: my daughter's eczema nearly disappeared while we were there, so I'm really thinking there's something in our water here that's triggering her outbreaks (probably chlorine). We're still busy researching...


Gabrielle said...

They make a small filter for the shower and tub faucet for clorine. I can try and find out where to get one if you want.

The photos are beautiful! We plan on camping at the beach when returning from our family reunion in TX. We'll be headed through the Gulf to visit family in MS. I'll use your tips!

Don't forget that the HMN meetings are next week. HOpe to see ya then!

Mamabelle said...

Amazingly, vitamin C will neutralize chlorine! So for now, we're just doing a little of that before we purchase a filter. I'm also adding a little sea salt to her bath water. The water actually feels softer.