Monday, June 29, 2009

Because I love ice-cream...

Veg-o-rama set to open July 9

A table and chairs taunted me from the sidewalk. The front door was open. I got the car into a space, unloaded the toddler and headed in... too bad I didn't have my camera. So, again, here is the view from the sidewalk.

If you want an inside view (and some food!), the owner is planning hours of Tue-Wed (lunch only), and Thu, Fri, Sat (lunch & dinner) with a grand opening of Thursday, July 9 for dinner.

See you there!

For a map, google the location as: 1204 North Central Steet, Knoxville, TN, 37917, (865) 540-8346. Website address is

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walgreen's Savings

Here’s an example of what you can save when you plan your purchases wisely. Since we are currently using several vitamins & supplements to lower my husband’s cholesterol, I was thrilled about the following trip I made. I’m very particular about gelatin and other ingredients in supplements, but since he isn’t, I’m able to find great deals on products for him.

Below is my receipt for a recent trip to Walgreens. I received a (Catalina) printed coupon at the register for $5 off the purchase of four Nature’s Bounty vitamins on my previous trip when I purchased a different brand. I also had three $2 off coupons good for any Nature’s Bounty item. I waited until Walgreens advertised buy one get one free, then went in for the purchase:

I bought two at $10.49 and two at $9.99 and only paid $9.48 plus tax for a total of $11.37. I did not have any register rewards to use on this purchase, but if I had, I could’ve lowered my out of pocket expense even more.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Diapers: Cloth or Disposable?

I have made my decision.

Here's my daughter in the only special cloth diaper I bought new just for her.

I've purchased a couple used diapers and one new one at cutie tooties. I only have enough for one day of use so far, but I have a big box of disposables between now and when I acquire more diapers.

What put me over the edge?

$500 didn't seem like a big amount until I considered that she really might not potty train for many months to come. By then, that amount could be $800, which is close enough to a grand to disturb me. If I have three kids, that could be close to $3,000. Though that number is spread over many years, it's still concerning.
But, more importantly, I imagined that if I have three kids who wear 5 diapers a day for 2.5 years each, that'd add up to 13,687.5 diapers in the landfill. In other words, enough to probably fill my entire house and then some.
That is a number I cannot live with.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Bad news on the upcoming vegetarian restaurant in Knoxville, Veg-O-Rama.

Location, phone number and info here.

Additional info on the East Tennessee Vegetarian Society's page.

Earth Fare Bearden Store Opening Specials June 17-30

Knoxville's newest Earthfare is located in the old Bi-Lo building near Kroger, Mayo's and Fresh Market in Bearden. For more info, click on the icon above.

Additional Savings June 17-30

The following items are on sale at our new Earth Fare in honor of their grand opening. These savings are in addition to items on sale at all Earth Fare stores in June. I won’t be typing up and posting those savings since June is already half over, but I do plan to begin posting sale items on a monthly basis. I am not posting meat items, since those are of no interest to me, but I realize others would appreciate a complete list, so maybe my mind could be changed.

(On a side note: I wonder how the new store will affect Fresh Market’s sales. I do think the effect will matter, whereas, Farragut has both a Fresh Market and Earth Fare but the two are relatively far apart. I don’t think Three River’s Market will see much change, and though I’ve shopped there in the past, they don’t have the space to carry a large variety of items. For me, crossing the street with a toddler is just not something I’m willing to do, so for that reason and others, I generally do not shop there much, though I wish them well. Having an Earth Fare I can afford the gas to get to is a big deal.)

Also note that I want to get this out fast, so I’m not going to spend much time editing for typos—just getting it out there is my goal today.

Organic blueberries 6 oz 2/$4
Organic strawberries 1 lb pack 2/$4
Organic red cherries $3.97/lb
Red tomatoes on the vine $1.97/lb

Kerrygold Irish Dupliner cheese $6.99/lb
Buttermilk Blue American Artisanil Blue from Wisconsin $9.99/lb
Bear Pond Farms organic pesto 6.3 oz assorted flavors $3.99 each
Rio Briati fresh mozzarella ovoline 7-8 oz smoked or plain--Half off (regular $3.99)

Earth Fare Café
All café smoothies 12-16 oz $1 off

Food Service Deli
Earth Fare sandwiches & wraps $4.99
Earth Fare fruit salad $3.99/lb

Earth Fare baguettes 2/$3
Earth Fare large homemade cookies 2/$1

Bulk Foods
Kettle cooked salted peanuts $2.99/lb
Banana chips $1.96/lb

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze 64 oz B1G1 (Buy one Get one free) ($3.89 for one)
Cascade Fresh fat free yogurt 6 oz B1G1 free ($.89)

Gerolsteiner mineral water 1 liter 3/$4
GT’s Kombucha synergy beverage 16 oz B1G1 free ($3.28-$3.69)
Kettle Chips potato chips 14 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.99)
Snyder’s of Hanover Eat Smart Veggie Chips 5-6 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($3.99)
Lakewood Fruit Garden Juice 32 oz. Assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.49)
Food For Life Ezekial 4:9 Cereal 16 oz. Assorted flavors B1G1 free ($5.99)
Earth Fare Organic Bottled Tea 16 oz. Assorted flavors 10/$10
Stubb’s BBQ sauce 18 oz. B1G1 free ($4.69)
Asian Gourmet box meals 11.6 oz. Assorted varieties B1G1 free ($3.49)

Frozen Foods
Amy’s pizzas 6-7 oz assorted flavors B1G1 free ($4.29-6.99)
Nature’s Path waffles 7.5 oz., assorted varieties B1G1 free ($3.26)
Cascadian Farm organic frozen veggies 7-16 oz., assorted flavors $1.98
Earth Fare ice cream 56 oz., assorted flavors $3.98

Ture Bamboo bamboo cutting board 14 in round, $11.98
Earth Fare rain barrel 55 gal $69.99

Health & Body Care
Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps 5 oz., assorted varieties $2.99
Dr. Bronner’s Liquid castile soap 8 oz., assorted varieties $4.09
Kiss My Face shave cream 11 oz., assorted var (why am I still typing this phrase out?) $4.99
Ancient Secrets nasal cleaning pot $9.99
Spectrum Naturals organic flax oil 8 oz., $9.99
Earth Fare Show me the Whey protein powder 32 oz., $26.99
MegaFoods men’s daily foods organic greens 12.7 oz. $19.99

Check out Coupon Katie's post on today's opening activities.

Jamming to The Wailers on Thursday

My babysitter is lined up! Me & the hubby will be jammin' to reggae on Thursday night at Sundown in the City.

I may even go all out this year with red, gold & green hair at the show!

Boca burgers on sale this week

Boca burgers are on sale this week at Target for only $2.29. I'm fortunate to have coupons, so now's my time to stock up.

Kroger is having a "pretend" sale at $2.99, so I think I'll stick with Target on this one!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Loving Day

The following is an email I received from

On June 12th, 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving won their nine year legal battle and the Supreme Court granted them the right to be married in the state of Virginia. This victory also legalized interracial relationships nationwide, overturning hundreds of years of racist laws.

We've made progress this year. Interracial marriage was illegal in 22 states when Barack Obama's parents got married, and now he's the President of the United States. The option to identify yourself as multiracial finally appeared on the U.S. Census in 2000, and now multiracial people are the fastest growing demographic in the U.S.

However, racism is not dead. There is still racial prejudice in our daily lives. Loving Day is a great way to fight this prejudice through education, and to build multicultural community.

Join thousands of others all over the world in celebrating Loving Day. Here are some things you can do:

Host a celebration of any size for friends or family:

Find a celebration to attend:

Spread the word about Loving Day:
Buy a Loving Day t-shirt:

Make a donation to the Loving Day Project:

On behalf of all of the volunteers at the Loving Day Project, we wish you a happy Loving Day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My daughter wore her first cloth diaper today

Everything is coming together for me to finally try out cloth diapers. I happened to see Gabrielle's post at Couponing in Critical Times today and am now immersed in reading about cloth diapering at thanks to her link.

I remember a new friend once saying to me that she was shocked I didn't cloth diaper. I was a little more shocked, I think, by her shock. Anyway, no, I don't cloth diaper, and here are the reasons I've had so far:

1) Cloth diapers seem inconvenient, whereas disposables are very, very convenient. This is an obvious reason for their use of course. For me personally, I do NOT like to do laundry. At times, I might only do it twice a month (I have lots of clothes for this reason).

2) She hasn't had problems with rashes that won't heal, and so on.

3) She's small. While some parents are lamenting on how much diapers are costing them, I'm still paying for size 3 at 19 months.

4) I don't change her diaper every three hours for two reasons: it doesn't bother her, and I feel that the diaper should be full so as to use it and produce less waste.

5) It hasn't been expensive so far. I attribute this to her small size and that she uses about four diapers a day. What have I spent? I have no real way of knowing, but if I factor what I'm paying per diaper now at her age and size (when she was tiny, she used more diapers, but they cost a little less), it comes out to 18 cents/diaper for Pampers Cruisers and if factored at 5 diapers/day for 365 days, it comes to $342/year. I'm guessing that's far less than what some parents are paying, and it's much less than what many cloth diaper proponents try to say disposables cost.

6) Though I'm concerned about waste, I'm trying to minimize it while using a more wasteful choice.

7) From what I have seen, cloth diapers are horribly expensive to get started on. Some are $25 each, so I had no interest in spending that much only to find out I didn't want more kids or didn't want to cloth diaper after all. (I realize now that I was mostly seeing moms who wanted to reduce their waste and had plenty of income to do so).

8) I don't believe the claims that cloth diapers are not also pollutants and are free to use. Water, water and time. Though it's not adding to the landfill, washing poop & pee does contribute to pollution. Also, water costs money. When I was doing a lot of tie-dying a few months back, I really noticed the increased cost in my bill, so I become annoyed when cloth proponents conveniently "forget" that extra loads of laundry do cost more money. I'm guessing I'd need to consider the costs of about 10 loads more/month since they should be washed at least every three days. Finally, time--I don't have much money, but I do have a little time--that's what the first woman who got me into couponing told me. But, do I have a little more time for cloth diapering?

Well, I'm hoping to find out soon! My first impression so far, just while holding the two cloth diapers I received yesterday from a friend, was that these were like clothes. Use them, wash them, use them again. It would be insane to just throw away an outfit each day. My second thought today was an image of a pile of diapers in a landfill. I was pondering just how big my contribution has been? How big is my pile? Is it 10 x 10 from floor to ceiling? Is is really that much smaller than anyone elses? Does it even matter since fact is, no matter how small, it does bother me?

My friend told me to change it every two hours. I waited until about four hours to see how her skin would respond. She had two small red areas, but the diaper wasn't completely soaked all the way from front to back, etc, though it was definitely full.

I liked it.

Another friend may also be giving me some diapers, so once I get a day's worth, I can really see how this might work out (or not) for me.

In the meantime, I'm reading up and discovering some of my biases, confirming and dispelling preconceived notions, etc... It will be interesting for me to see how my opinion changes as I learn more and actually try out cloth.

So, today is day one of a possible change at my house. We'll see!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who wants some cheap eggs?

When I saw the headliner that a dozen eggs are 49 cents this week at ALDI, I felt like vomiting. I realize so many items we consume are made at the cost of others, but for me eggs are personal, so it hits home. Even hens who lay best don't always lay one egg a day. I have five hens and they average about three eggs a day (below: for some reason they all lay in the same nest spot).

Two are not good layers, but one is excellent--my Rhode Island Red, Laurie (below).

Twelve eggs. It would take her roughly half a month to lay that many eggs. (Below: their indoor area.)

She has to be fed, housed and cared for. I'd also have to use some kind of middleman and transport those eggs in order to sell them. What about the container? Storage costs? (Below: Their outdoor area.)

Half a month of work for her for 49 cents? That's what she's worth?

I've seen pictures like these before, but I truly cannot fathom what conditions must be like for so many hens in our world.

I know there are many, many, many causes out there, but maybe you will consider finding a local, less cruel source for eggs if you can. I wish I could supply eggs for everyone I know, but I only have so many.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Organic coupon booklets at Kroger stores

Go Organic for earth day coupon booklet:

If you need more booklets, stop by the Asheville Highway store to pick some up--they've just put theirs out.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Back from the Beach

This was my first camping experience in years, but we figured camping was the only way we'd be able to see the ocean this summer. We chose Huntingdon Beach State Park, and it was beautiful with great beaches. What did we learn?

--It's worth spending some money on bug repellents. The mosquitoes, though few, liked me instead of my hubby or daughter. Apparently, I'm tastier. Mostly, they got me while I slept. One or two got in and bit me till they were full.

--It's worth the extra $5 or so for electricity & water at your site.

--Take a fan and extension cords.
--Borrow, borrow, borrow. We borrowed nearly all of our camping supplies from my parents, especially since we don't know how often we'll camp again. We purchased only one additional item that they can now borrow from us when they camp.

--I found it was much easier to simply use an electric hot plate. We never even fired up the Coleman propane stove.

--Take one of those towel housecoats, or towel bathing suit covers to get from the showers back to your tent.

--Take a container big enough to bathe the baby.

--Have a rainy day fund ready.

--It may be worth calling the park you plant to visit and ask which sites have more privacy, shade, etc.

One more note: my daughter's eczema nearly disappeared while we were there, so I'm really thinking there's something in our water here that's triggering her outbreaks (probably chlorine). We're still busy researching...