Friday, May 1, 2009

On getting started

It's a daunting task for sure: beginning.

My beginning as a writer probably first began when I was a highschool freshman. I wrote a piece about Babe IV, my pet chicken. My English teacher was highly amused and never let me forget that piece of work, a mere five paragraph theme about a favorite pet.

More recently, I began rummaging through social networking sites and found that I enjoyed finding and sharing information with others. Sometimes with commentary, sometimes not.
My goals for this blog are simple:

1) write!
2) share money-saving tips, coupons, etc
3) share events or happenings in Knoxville, especially for families
4) contemplate biracial, interracial or other issues that relate to my life or interests

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Good luck getting started! I hope you enjoy couponing!

If you're coming to the library next month then I'll see you there! :)
~Coupon Mommie~