Saturday, May 2, 2009

My motivation for using coupons

I went to a great couponing class today led by Gabrielle Blake. Turns out I already knew her face—but not her name—both from both children’s programs at the library and Holistic Moms Network. She has been featured in the News Sentinel:

Her first point for those just learning to coupon is to have a goal.
What is motivating you to want to save money? Are you trying to pay off debt? Live within your means? Not be wasteful?

I definitely want to do all of those things and learning how to use coupons to my advantage is a necessary part of affording the life I want for my daughter—a life where she spends the majority of her quality time with her family instead of at daycare. It’s not a life possible or desirable for everyone, but for me it’s been so rewarding that I plan on doing everything in my power to continue.

I never, ever envisioned my future as a stay-at-home mom. I pictured myself as a successful career woman, and my husband and I didn’t even think we wanted children. A pregnancy scare during my first year of teaching changed all of that. During the time before we could take the test and know for sure while my mind raced with all the possibilities, I decided I had to be okay with either result. (In case you’re wondering how I knew so quickly, just say the word “pregnant” and I become nauseated. During my pregnancy with my daughter, I was nauseated within days of when I became pregnant, two weeks before I took the test.)

The result was a weak positive, then the next day, a negative, no more nausea and all was back to normal except for one thing—now we wanted a child. As we talked it over the next two years before we took the plunge, we toyed with this idea of me staying home. My husband first suggested it—he grew up with no mother. I, with no father. For us, it’s our way of making up for what we felt we missed.

But this blog was supposed to be about what I learned today!

More on that later.

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